Gold Fren AD-076 Ceramic Brake Pads-1 Pair for Rear calipers

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Product: One pair of REAR ceramic brake pads AD-076

Make: Gold Fren AD

Model: AD-076

    Fits: Kawasaki

    • KZ650 C3 (from VIN No. 023101) (-1979) (R)
    • KZ650 SR (KZ650 D1/D1A/D2) (1978-1979) (R)
    • KZ1000 (KZ1000 A1/A2/A2A/A3/A3A/A4) (1977-1980) (R)
    • KZ1000 'Ltd' (KZ1000 B3/B4) (1979-1980) (R)
    • KZ1000 'Police' (KZ1000 C1/C1A) (1978) (R)
    • KZ1000 (KZ1000 C2/C3/C4) (1979-1981) (R)
    • KZ1000 'Z1-R' (KZ1000 D1/D3 Z1-R) (1978-1980) (R)
    • KZ1000 ST (KZ1000 E1/E2 Shaft) (1979-1980) (R)
    • KZ1000 'Classic' (KZ1000 G1) (1980) (R)
    • KZ1300 (KZ1300 A1/A2/A3/A4) (1979-1982) (R)
    • KZ1300 'Touring' (KZ1300 B2) (1980) (R)

    Fits: Suzuki

    • XN85 'Turbo' (XN85D Turbo) (1983) (R)
    • GS550 (GS550 C/N/EC/EN/ET) (1977-1980) (R)
    • GS550 (GS550 MZ) (1982) (R)
    • GS550 LT/LX (GS550 LT/LX) (1980-1981) (R)
    • GS550 TX (GS550 TX) (1981) (R)
    • GS650 (GS650 EX/EZ) (1981-1982) (R)
    • GS650 (GS650 C/N/EC/EN/ET) (1981-1982) (R)
    • GS550 (GS650 GX/GZ/GD) (1981-1983) (R)
    • GS650 (GS650 GLX/GLZ/GLD) (1981-1983) (R)
    • GS650 (GS650 MD) (1983) (R)
    • GS700 (GS700 EF/ESF) (1985) (R)
    • GS750 (GS750 B/C/N/EC/LN 8 valve motor) (1977-1979) (R)
    • GS750 (GS750 ET/EX/EZ 16 valve motor) (1980-1982) (R)
    • GS750 (GS750 LT/LX 16 valve motor) (1980-1981) (R)
    • GS750 (GS750 ED/ESD/SD) (1983) (R)
    • GS850 (GS850 GN/GT/GX/GLT/GLX/GLZ/GZ/GLD/GD)(1979-1983) (R)
    • GS1000 (GS1000 C/N/EC/CN/SN/LN) (1978-1979) (R)
    • GS1000 (GS1000 ET/ST/SZ) (1980-1982) (R)
    • GS1000 (GS1000 GT/GX) (1980-1981) (R)
    • GS1000 (GS1000 GLT/GLX) (1980-1981) (R)
    • GS1000 (GS1000 ET/EX/EZ/ED/ESD) (1980-1983) (R)
    • GS1100 (GS1100 LT) (1980) (R)
    • GS1100 (GS1100 LT) (1980) (R)
    • GS1100 (GS1100 GS/GD) (1982-1983) (R)
    • GS1100 (GS1100 GLZ/GLD) (1982-1983) (R)
    • GS1100 (GS1100 GKZ/GK2/GKD) (1982-1983) (R)
    • GS1100 (GS1100 SD) (1983) (R)
    • GV1200 'Madura' (GV1200 GLF/GLF2/GLG) (1985-1986) (R)
    Fits: GMA AFTERMARKET CALIPER model A (CCI #09-997)

                        AD FEATURES:

                        • High static friction coefficient
                        • Good abrasive resistance
                        • Thermal stability up to 450°C, and even up to 700°C over a short term
                        • Wearing rate by 20 % lower comparing with competitive sintered products of its category for common use
                        • Low abrasive interaction with the brake rotor material
                        • Three(3) times +/- longer operational life compared to organic and Kevlar composite Materials

                        RANGE OF APPLICATION:

                        • Specifically designed for common street riding
                        • On scooters, cruisers, street bikes and ATV
                        • Suitable for dry and wet conditions
                        • Could be used on off-road bikes front brakes for riders that don't ride hard

                        MATERIAL OPERATING PARAMETERS:

                        • Specific pressure: P < 5.0 Mpa
                        • Sliding speed: V < 40 m.s-1
                        • Constant maximum temp.: 450°C
                        • Short time maximum temp.: 700°C
                        • Counter-surfaces: steel disks

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