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These brake components are to be fitted by a qualified mechanic. BrakeCrafters cannot be held responsible for misuse or incorrect fitting.

This listing is for:

Product: One pair of EBC HH Sintered brake pads

Make: EBC

Model: FA88HH

Fits Yamaha:

  • RZ 350 (L/N/NC11) (1984-1985) (R)
  • FZR 400 (U/SUC/W/SWC) (1988-1989) (F)
  • XJ 400 S 'Seca II' (1993) (R)
  • RZ 500 (1984-1986) (F)
  • FJ 600 (L/LC/N/NC) (1984-1985) (F&R)
  • FZ 600 (S/SC/T/TC/U/UC) (1986-1988) (F)
  • YX 600 'Radian' (S/SC/T/U/W/A/TC/UC/WC/AC) (1986-1990) (F)
  • FZR 600 (W/WC) (1989) (F&R)
  • FZR 600 (A/R) (1990-2000) (R)
  • YZF 600 R (1995-2007) (R)
  • FZ 700 'Genesis' (T/TC) (1987) (F&R)
  • FZX 700 'Fazer' (S/SC/T/TC) (1986-1987) (F&R)
  • XJ 700 (N/X/S) (1985-1986) (F)
  • XV 700 (L/N/C/S) (1984-1987) (F)
  • FZ 750 (N/S/U) (1985-1988) (F&R)
  • XV 750 'Virago' (U/W/A/B/D/E/F/G/H/J) (1988-1997) (F)
  • FZR 750 'Genesis' (RU/RT) (1987-1988) (R)
  • FZR 750 (0W01) (1989-1992) (R)
  • YFZ 750 (R/SP) (1993-1996) (R)
  • TDM 850 (D/DC/E/EC) (1992-1993) (R)
  • XJ 900 'Seca' (RK) (1983) (F&R)
  • XV 1000 (L/LC/N/NC) (1984-1985) (F)
  • FZR 1000 'Genesis' (T/TC/U/UC) (1987-1988) (R)
  • FZR 1000 'EX-UP' (W/WC/A/AC/B/BC) (1989-1991) (R)
  • FZR 1000 'EX-UP' (D/E/F/G) (1992-1996) (R)
  • GTS 1000 (AE/AEC/AF/AFC) (1993-1996) (R)
  • YZF 1000 R (1997) (R)
  • FJ 1100 (L/LC/N/NC) (1984-1985) (F&R)
  • XV 1100 (All Models) (1986-1997) (F)
  • XVS 1100 'V-Star Silverado' (2003-2009) (R)
  • XVS 1100 'V-Star Classic' (2001-2009) (R)
  • XVS 1100 'V-Star Custom' (1999-2008) (R)
  • FJ 1200 (S/T) (1986-1987) (F&R)
  • FJ 1200 (W/A/B/D) (1989-1993) (R)
  • VMX 12 'V-Max 1200' (N/S/U/W/A/B/D) (1985-1992) (F&R)
  • VMX 12 'V-Max 1200' (All Models) (1993-2007) (R)
  • XVZ 12 'Venture' (TK) (1983) (F&R)
  • XVZ 12 'Venture' (L/KC2) (1984) (F&R)
  • XVZ 12 'Venture Royale' (TDK/DL/DKC2) (1983-1984) (F&R)
  • XVZ 12 'Venture Royale' (DN) (1985) (F&R)

With the development of SB101C material, EBC replaced the iron powders commonly used in other sintered pads with a stainless powder and removed several other particles to prevent disc damage, completely eliminate brake noise, improve heat cycling, and provide a good feel. What EBC has today for the faster rider is the pinnacle of sintered copper alloy engineering.

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