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Product: One pair of EBC Moto-X brake pads (FA54X)

Make: EBC

Model: FA54X

Fits: Honda

  • MB5 (1982) (F)
  • CG 125 (CG125 ES12/ES2/3/4-VC30) (2001-2004) (F)
  • ATC250R (ATC250R) (1981-1982) (F)
Fits: Hyosung
  • TE450S (TE450S) (1991-1992) (F)
Fits: Kawasaki
  • KX 65 (KX65) (2000-2020) (R)
  • Ninja 125 ABS (125 Ninja ABS model) (2019-2020) (R)
  • Z125 (Z125 BC125 JJF) (2017-2020) (R)
  • Z125 Pro (Z125 BR125 JJBF) (2017-2020) (R)
  • Z125 Pro SE (Z125 BR125 JJFS) (2017-2020) (R)
  • KLX 150 S (KLX150) (2009) (R)
  • KLX 230 (KLX230) (2019-2020) (R)
  • KLX 230R (KLX230R) (2019-2020) (R)
  • KLX 300R (KLX300R) (2019-2020) (R)
  • KVF300 'Prairie' (KVF300 A1-A4/B1-B4) (1999-2002) (F)
  • KVF360 'Prairie' (KVF360 A1-A3/A6F-ACF) (2003-2012) (F)
  • KVF360 'Prairie' (KVF360 B1-B4/B6F-B9F) (2003-2009) (F)
  • KVF360 'Prairie' (KVF360 C1-C4/C6F-CBF) (2003-2011) (F)
  • KVF400 'Prairie' (KVF400 C1-C4/D1-D4) (1999-2002) (F)

Fits: Suzuki

  • RM65 (RM65 K3/K4/K5) (2003-2005) (R)
  • DR125 (DR125 G/H/J/SE R/S/T) (1986-1996) (F)
  • SP125 (SP125 G/H/J) (1986-1996) (F)
  • DR200 (DR200 G/H/J/ SE T/V/W/Y) (86/88-96/20) (F)
  • SP200 (DR125 G/H/J/SE R/S/T) (1986-1988) (F)
  • DR250F (DR250F) (1985) (F)
  • LT-A 400 'Eiger' (LTA400 K2-K6/FCK 5-7) (02-04/06) (F)
  • LT-A 400 'Eiger' (LTA400 FK 2-7) (2002-2007) (F)
  • LT-F 400 (LTF400 K2-K7) (2003-2008) (F)
  • LT-A 500 'Vinson' (LTA500 FCK 5-7) (2002-2007) (F)
  • LT-F 500 'Vinson Quadrunner' (LTF500 FCK 3-5) (2003-2005) (F)

Fits Yamaha:

  • YFM 125 R 'Raptor' (YFM125R A/B/D) (2011-2013) (F)
  • YFS 200 'Blaster' (YFS200 R/S/T/V) (2003-2006) (F)
  • YFM 250 X 'Beartracker' (YFM250X N/HN/P/HP/R/HR/S) (2001-2004) (F)
  • YFM 250 B 'Bruin' (YFM250B T/V) (2005-2006) (F)
  • YFM 250 B 'Big Bear' (YFM250B W/X/Y) (2007-2009) (F)
  • YFM 350 X 'Warrior' (YFM350X) (1989-2004) (F)
  • YFZ 350 'Banshee' (YFZ350) (1990-2006) (F)
  • YFM 350 FX 'Wolverine' (YFM350FX) (1995-2005) (F)
  • YFM 350 V 'Wolverine' (YFM350 X/V 2WD) (2006-2009) (F)
  • YFM 350 G 'Grizzly' (YFM350G 2WD) (2007-2011) (F)
  • YFM 350 FGI 'Grizzly' (YFM350FGI IRS Auto 4x4) (2007-2011) (F)
  • YFM 350 FG 'Grizzly' (YFM350FG Auto 4x4) (2007-2013) (F)
  • YFM 350 'Big Bear' (YFM350 FWBL/LC) (1999) (F)
  • YFM 350 U (YFM350 UL/ULC) (1999) (F)
  • YFM 350 FA 'Bruin' (YFM350FA 4x4) (2004-2006) (F)
  • YFM 350 A 'Bruin' (YFM350A 2x4) (2004-2006) (F)
  • YFM 400 FW 'Kodiak' (YFM400FA) (1999) (F)
  • YFM 400 N 'Big Bear' (YFM400N 2x4) (2003-2004) (F)
  • YFM 400 FA 'Kodiak' (YFM400FA) (2000-2002) (F)
  • YFM 400 N 'Big Bear' (YFM400N M/MC/N/HN/P/HP) (2000-2002) (F)
  • YFM 400 S 'Big Bear' (YFM400S 2WD) (2004) (F)
  • YFM 400 F 'Big Bear' (YFM400 F/FW) (2000-2006) (F)
  • YFM 400 A 'Kodiak' (YFM400A 2WD) (2003-2004) (F)
  • YFM 400 FA 'Kodiak' (YFM400FA 4x4) (2004-2006) (F)
  • YFM 400 FG 'Grizzly' (YFM400FG 4x4) (2007-2008) (F)
  • YFM 400 FB 'Big Bear' (YFM400 F/FB) (2004-2010) (F)
  • YFM 450 FA 'Kodiak' (YFM450FA) (2003-2006) (F)
  • YFM 450 FG 'Grizzly' (YFM450FG) (2007-2013) (F)
  • YFM 450 FX 'Wolverine' (YFM450 FX/FXSEW) (2006-2010) (F)

      Series "X" moto-x Sport and Enduro pace with cool running based pad compound for sport use in MX and ATV applications. For mud, sand and/or wet conditions requiring longer life. EBC "X" Series carbon brake pads have been the choice of top enduro riders around the world for several years.


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