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We are excited to announce premium Spiegler brake lines are now available.  Our proximity and relationship with Spiegler enable shipment of your brake lines with your order on the second day.  Interested in custom color lines?  Give us a call and we can place a special order.  Color listing can be found at the bottom of this page.

Did You Know:

  • Replacement of OEM lines after four years is recommended for performance and safety.
  • As OEM lines become older, they expand when pressure is applied to brake levers, robbing the immediate pressure intended for actuating the caliper piston to provide stopping power.
  • Spiegler brake lines are Dupont Teflon PTFE lined inner, braided stainless steel, and clear PVC coated eliminating the expansion, restoring predictable feel, and maximizing stopping capability.
  • Spiegler brake lines offer the unique patented feature of adjustable banjo fitting allowing line twist during installation.
  • Spiegler brake lines and kits are shipped with the required crush washers, adjustment tool and instructions.
  • One of the most notable improvements to braking performance and safety is the addition of stainless steel braided brake lines.

Remember whatever speed you choose to ride, braking safely and effectively is the most important.

Need advice on installation?  Check out our YouTube channel!